More Bees, More Berries

Jubilee Orchards is proud to announce that we have been awarded another grant by the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) of USDA. The grant is to further our commitment to a nurturing habitat for pollinators, especially bees. Funds from the grant will enable us to plant an additional 12 acres of flowering bushes or trees that attract bees.

Healthy, thriving bee populations are vital to the environment and especially critical for berry orchards. The past few seasons in the southeast has seen significant reductions in fruit yield as a result of poor pollination. Jubilee Orchards is committed to making every effort to enhance soil, air and water health by growing practices that are 100 per cent organic.

Jubilee Orchards has been named a Best Management Practice by the Florida Department of Agriculture and a CARES Farm by The Florida Farm Bureau for outstanding environmental practices. Our farm has been awarded several grants including high tunnels, organic transition, solar, et al. We are thrilled to be awarded this grant and look forward to continued vibrant growth in our bee business.