Get Your Taste Buds Ready!

So grateful that the frigid month of January has given way to the warm sunny days of February. The chill of December and January were welcome, because the chill hours make larger and sweeter harvests. It’s mid-February, and harvest is nearly upon us at Jubilee Orchards. Walking through the Orchards, the magic wonders of spring growth are coming alive all around us. The berry bushes are flushing green with new leaves. The tight berry buds have opened to flowers painted white throughout the Orchards.

The bees pour out of their eighty hives at dawn and buzz their way through hours of pollination before they call it a day. We are grateful to see and hear their vital work on the orchard. Lots of bee action yields lots of firm, sweet berries!

We are all busy as well, getting ready for all of you to come and enjoy picking and eating the South’s best organic berries. Organic growing is hard in Florida. It's expensive and very labor intensive. We continue to work to overcome these obstacles, knowing that organic berries are much better tasting and much healthier for you and your family. We are spreading tons of new pine bark, planting new cultivars that yield even more delectable berries, and spreading organic nutrients on our plants to foster healthy-growing berries.

All of the while, we are also making preparations for our new organic farm store to be located in one of our 19th century cabins. The store will be way cool and offer the best local organic fruits and vegetables, as well as specialty items. We will also be offering a delicious barbecue lunch this season - something to look forward to after you pick as many berries as you can take home! Weekends promise to be very special this year at Jubilee. We cant wait to see you all!

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