Jubilee Orchards U-Pick Family Fun Day

The Weather powers at be blessed Jubilee Orchards with sunny skies as we celebrated our first U-Pick of the season! We are humbled by the many people who came out to the orchard to enjoy an afternoon of sun, fun and the healthiest, freshest, sweetest blueberries around! At last count, we had over 2,100 people at the event! That’s a lot of blueberry picking! From families, college students and retirees, we sure did have a great day and appreciated you visiting! We loved seeing the smiles on everybody’s faces, especially the children as they climbed aboard the ponies and were given balloon animals!

We asked many of you what you were going to make with all your blueberries and boy did we get some great answers! One man replied he and his wife picked 35 pounds and that he was going to eat blueberry pancakes everyday! That’s a lucky man! A very confident and industrious woman offered she was going to make the best blueberry jam … Yum! And a group of college students remarked that they had plans for blueberry smoothies. We can’t wait to see what you create! Be sure to share your pictures on our Facebook page!

Many were surprised there are even blueberries here in Florida, let alone Tallahassee. Florida is one of the top ten producers of blueberries in the country! Maine, as many thought, is nowhere near that list! We like to call our blueberries the “Precious Berry” here at the orchard, because they’re very difficult to grow. Weather in the form of heat, rain and wind, combined with difficult soil conditions make for a very challenging growing-climate in Florida. It takes a real hands-on expert using safe and sound farming practices to bring these luscious wonderful, sweet, crisp and delightful berries to life!

Again, we appreciated everyone who came out to visit and pick berries with us. Our mission is to serve and support our community, the way you supported us. We've taken note on all the great feedback on how we can improve the event and look forward to the next one. Be sure to come back as we get better and better. We hope everybody had fun and found time to relax and enjoy the beautiful orchards and surrounding forest.

For more information about Jubilee Orchards and the berries we grow, visit our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We have lots of great things planned for the year, with more U-Picks until the end of May, and a big end-of-season gala with music and many other surprises!


Bud and Kitty

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