4,000 Taste Jubilee Blues at The Chain of Parks Arts Festival!

Jubilee Orchards proudly participated in the Chain of Parks Arts Festival in beautiful downtown Tallahassee this past weekend. Over the course of two marvelous Spring days, Bud and kitty Chiles and friends conversed with and provided a taste of our luscious Georgia Dawn blueberries- they are some of our favorite berries and the people just loved them!

People young and old were amazed that a local orchard has ripe blueberries in April and May. We explained to curious onlookers that our berries are not the typical Rabbit Eye variety that ripen in the Summer months. Jubilee Orchards grows only Southern High Bush blueberries that are sweeter because they ripen as Winter gives way to Spring. The cold weather makes them larger, sweeter, and more desirable.

Hundreds and hundreds of people we talked to are also excited about being able to come out to Jubilee Orchards every weekend through late May to enjoy U-Pick events with their family and friends!

Over 40,000 people attended The Chain of Parks Arts Festival on Saturday, and no one had more fun than we did watching little, and big, kids enjoying our blueberries! Come out this Saturday, April 23rd from 9am - 5pm for the Jubilee Orchards' Family Fun event at 12008 Miccosukee Road

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