Is It Local? Think twice.

Blue crabs from Florida? Think twice, they may actually be frozen and shipped from the Far East. This week one of Florida’s major newspapers ran a shocking story uncovering the truth, entitled

“At Tampa Bay Farm to Table Restaurants You’re Being Fed Fiction."

The bottom line is often consumers are being lied to by restaurants or stores about food and where it comes from. Food purveyors know that local sells, so they take great liberties with the truth about their products. Local products from local farms are listed on chalkboards or menus of restaurants that are anything but local. Consumers are being misled and farmers are being taken advantage of by having their brands, in effect, stolen.

How can you be confident that the fruits, meats, dairy or vegetables you are buying are locally and sustainably grown? Jubilee Orchards has a solution! Come on out to the Orchards during our U-Pick events from now thru the end of May and see for yourself. Meet us, the growers, and our farmers, and ask us questions about our growing practices. Sample our berries. Find out who we are and why we do what we do. That’s what being local is all about! We encourage you to visit your local farms and interact with the folks that are growing your food.

As the story demonstrates, unfortunately, you can’t just take a marketer’s word for it. Jubilee Orchards and many other growers take great pains to produce safe, healthy foods. We invest in our workers and we pass strict food safety audits. We care for the land and air by conserving water, minimizing chemical use, caring for bees and pollinators, and conserving resources. Consumers must be alert and knowledgeable about the foods they buy these days and the people who grow it. Hope to see you at the orchard!

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