Choose your Blues

Go for the best berries like our Farthing or Georgia Dawn- only available at Jubilee Blues!

Jubilee Blues is a grower with a dream. We want to hasten the day when consumers can choose the best types of blueberries just like they want to choose the best types of apples.

You see, like apples, blueberry types are all different. When you go to the store you never get to choose because the fruit distributors cannot separate the types – they are all lumped together. Why does this matter to you? Because if growers have no incentive to cultivate the sweetest, best berries, they will grow the berries that produce the highest yields. And these are usually the most bland and common.

At Jubilee, we are forging a new path. A path that allows you to choose among several great berry types, knowing your berries will be fresh and locally grown. One of our favorite berry types is called Georgia Dawn. It's a luscious, sweet berry with a crisp mouth feel. They’re so delightful you can't stop eating them! Another favorite is called, Farthing Berry. It's a large, big mouthful bursting with flavor that you will not soon forget! Your days of buying bland berries shipped in from who knows where, are over! Buy fresh, buy the best, and buy Jubilee Blues!

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