The Local Berry- So Much Better Than The Transported Berry

Jubilee Blues is our brand and we are excited to sell as much fruit locally as we possibly can. Currently, almost all organic berries are transported all the way across the country from British Columbia or California. Our fruit will be more sustainable, fresher, and create local jobs.

Think about it, do you want the freshest blueberries from local orchards or berries grown in Chile, Mexico or Vancouver? By the time they get to your store and then home those berries are often weeks from the field. They are harvested, then shipped to warehouses for packing, then transported by long haul trucking or ships to distant markets, then placed in another warehouse before being shipped to your store. And the environment suffers from all that long haul shipping and truck journeys.

Currently most growers sell most if not all our berries to global distributors who sell our fruit worldwide-not remotely near where we produce it.

Jubilee Blues offers a locally grown fruit, grown with respect for the quality and safety of the berries, and concern for our precious land, air and water. Our fruit is locally picked from our orchards, locally packed in wooden, recyclable cartons, and delivered to you, your local farm market or store. You are consuming berries just a few days from the field! You will not find our fruit packaged in plastic clamshells ever!

Jubilee Blues is a powerful new brand concept. Starting in Tallahassee, the public will be able to choose local over transported fruit.

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