From traditional to organic, Jubilee Orchards is on the move!

Jubilee Orchards prides itself on growing the very best blueberries we can. In that effort, we have decided to go completely organic over the next five years. Currently, Jubilee Orchards is a 50-acre Southern High Bush Blueberry orchard that features seven different cultivars, with fifteen of the acres transitioning to certified organic. It requires three years for the soil to return to its natural state before we can be categorized as completely organic. It takes time, but we're committed to making it happen!

Great taste, great health and great for the environment

What does this mean for you, our valued customer? Organic berries are far better for consumers because of the fact that they are never sprayed with synthetic pesticides, fungicides and herbicides that contain chemicals dangerous to your health and the environment. We believe in the health and well-being of our community and will continue to uphold the very best in products we offer to you through our sound farming practices. Jubilee is proud to be designated a Best Management Practice Farm by the Florida Department of Agriculture. We are also a member of the prestigious MBG Grower C0-OP and as such, we are held to the strictest standards of food safety and sustainable agronomy practices.

Organic Berries – Fickle little things!

Organic berries are more difficult and expensive to grow in Florida because of our heat, humidity, insects, and plant and leaf diseases. Organic berries are very rarely produced in the Southeast United States. Almost all of these berries come from the west coast or Canada after the Florida berry season is over. Therefore, growing organic berries allows us to sell our berries locally under our own brand rather than sell through a middleman that will transport our berries globally.