Jubilee Plantation



Lawton Bud Chiles

Our Mission

We believe in offering a fun, celebratory environment that promotes a sense of togetherness and community for both our friends and staff. Through our sound environmental farming practices, we believe in offering quality products that are fresh, locally made and healthful.


From the outset, we desired to share Jubilee with the community. This conviction led us to develop orchards. And thoughtful research directed us to grow blueberries. We also strongly considered olive orchards and some other fruits. The amazing health, nutrition, taste and marketability of blueberries won us over. 




Jubilee Blues

Governor Lawton Chiles

Our Roots

Jubilee is truly a very special place. Jubilee is 209 acres of thousands that grew cotton in Leon County before and after the Civil War. 


By the beginning of the 20th century, these thousands of acres were quail plantations, frequented in early days by wealthy Midwesterners and their shooting pals. For well over 100 years these large tracts have remained intact no more than a dozen  miles from Tallahassee proper. 


Jubilee was portioned from Chemonie Plantation in 1990 and sold to my father, Walkin Lawton Chiles. Here he escaped for hours at a time from the stresses of running the State of Florida as Governor. Here he established his now famous 19th century homestead of vintage centuries old cabins. Here, at Jubilee is his wonderful 'cookshack', smoke house, outdoor Loo and cane grinder. And the vintage barn every board scrounged from old tobacco shacks. 


The driving vision for Jubilee is a shared experience deeply rooted in our heritage, but pointing toward our future. Featuring the 19th Century Homestead and legacy of Jubilee and Lawton Chiles, while demonstrating the best practices in agricultural sustainability- commitment to great stewardship of land, environment, workers, and fruit quality. 


The day I convinced my wife Kitty, to sell our house in town and move to Jubilee, was the day I died and went to heaven. And, after an adjustment period, she has grown to love this place as well.


12008 Miccosukee Rd,


Jubilee is celebration of that which matters.

A retreat from the horizontal world 

To the vertical.

A movement from shallow waters

To deep upon deep.

From placated To awakened desires.


Jubilee is not an anxious place.

Not a place of broken systems.

Or broken creatures.

It is a place set right.

All things carefully set in their place.

Masterful is the balance of hunger and satisfaction.


Jubilee is teeming,  but perfectly still

It speaks volumes, but listens exceptionally


Listen, soul, to it's quiet wisdom

Be free of The worlds distractions, mind

Cling, heart, to what is upwards rather than side to side

Be selective, strength, with your pursuits.

Live, life, in jubilee.


- Geoffery Chiles


These lovely words and Jubilee's rich heritage have nurtured our souls and quickened our desire to add to the legacy of Jubilee.